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Tobias Keene  Los Angeles, CA

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About Tobias

Tobias Keene’s paintings continue to explore, through the immediacy of color, texture and form, a quality of lost innocence. By using negative space as part of his composition, he has created a unique exploration of displacement. His use of long shadows signify the passage of time, while using Russian linen which he often leaves raw.

The images of children at play. dogs chasing balls, a man on a trapeze are somewhat metaphorical. As he states ‘We are all old dogs chasing balls”. Keene has exhibited at the Earl McGrath Gallery Los Angeles and New York since 2003 as well as Christies, Chait Gallery and the Bergamot Station. Tobias was born in Stratford Upon Avon , England but currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

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"Great wor!! Hi Tobias, I'm your cousin and just letting you know that some of your fathers paintings and your grandfathers WW2 cartoons are going to auction June 1st at Bingwood auctions, Stratford Upon Avon. Keep on with your passions!! Xx"

"bk 2 th 1st; i love th leave it 2 ur imagination bkground, 4rm th steeple chasing horses or nuns hurling a javelin @ satan, another nun contending w/ 1 of his minions to an ordinary observer walking in th like!"

"th 2nd def. lookks like a time out."

"your work is beautiful and strange.It all goes way beyond words."

"incredible, thoughtful and i want to purchase them both. i want to see more!!!"

"I would definatly buy these!!!Lovely.........."

"incredible insight of the human experience.."

"Love the way the shadows and reflections give unusual depth."

"See the artist's web page; poor Abraham Lincoln will never be the same, maybe the Pope deserves his "treatment". There is something positively menacing in the clash between the children against the powerful abstract backgrounds; as if the subjects were caught in another dimension that we can only get a glimpse of. The artist use of bold colors and motion heightens the effect, the viewer is attracted and repelled at the same time by strong emotions. The "Childrens' Playground" series especially deserves comment; the 48 X 60 pic shows two girls on swings; you would assume it's a beach scene, but is it? What is the line of "huts" crossing the pic obliquely? We really don't know. The girl on the right has the most knobby knees; and a worn and haggard face. Is she a little girl? Nothing is as it seem. Fascinating Paintings."

"Really nice composition."

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