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Mel Ristau  Fort Collins, CO

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About Mel

Mel Ristau’s aerial sculptures animate large interior spaces with color and whimsy ‘ creating smiles and therapeutic destinations for adults and children alike. Art intersecting with and inspiring daily life is what Ristau’s aerial sculptures are about.

Ristau has placed his monumental works from coast to coast. Public spaces include office buildings, schools, medical facilities and universities.

Ristau has an extensive design background, ranging from educational and playful commercial products, to design research. He holds an MFA in design from the University of Kansas School of Fine Arts (1983).

A native of the Louisiana Gulf Coast, Ristau lived in Texas for nearly two decades before settling in Colorado in 2001. He began focusing on his fine arts interests in 2003.

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"Hey, I just wanted to thank all the folks who took the time to post a response. 90% positive! = Feel's great too."

"He seems to have put in three dimensions (perhaps four) that which i have seen in oil and acrylic painting (two dimensions hinting at three and four). i respect what i see and consider the art a good teacher."

"I like the use of something else. That is awesome. Also the colors brighten the picture and the painting have enjoyable colors and shapes."

"thats awesome"

"I guess I wouldn't call that art. Simply leaves me cold!"

"Fun work. Nice shapes. Whimsical."

"Great work. Would love to see it in person."

"the future of space station tech"

"I enjoy this piece. I see a possible representation of what could be his mind combined with some of his "reality" work. Perhaps I'm way off base, wither way, very good work."

"Charming, light, delightful - tinkertoys in space."

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