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Louise D’Andrade  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Louise

The explorations of the altered book began by disseminating the construct of the book, by individual pages. I separated the pages, took phrases, text, font style, bindings, paper and covers and these separate parts became a foundation to build upon to create the book as precious object. I subtracted the ability to read them as sentences, thereby giving the books a visual language. They communicate their new story by metaphor and design. The book form is transformed to resemble the balustrade, the candlestick and/or the cross-section of a flower/plant, even the female figure. The potential in working with the book as object is vast, continuing to work in the theme of transformation brings discovery.

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"that's really cool"

"pic a; cycle of crafty inventions.pic b; modulation of the basic patterns of individual intelligence in a community."

"ok now everybody talk shhht to Janho..haha i dont know wat he's talking about is creation and so im inmpressed..."

"Who are you, JanHo, to say what art is? Art is something anyone, even people who aren't artist, can do to be able to express themselves. This is what this person does to express themselves. And I think they're really rather enjoyable pieces."

"These works are craft, not art. They are repetative process works. Please see Laocoon and realise that everyone is not an artist. Art is a rare gift like writing a play if you were Shakespear or the Jupitor Symphony if you were Mozart. If everyone's an artist, then everyone's a neurobiologist or everyone's a great dancer. Art schools turn out this class of mediocraty because it reflects the lowest common denominator as oposed to the highest cultivated taste. Again, see Laocoon and understand clearly that very few people are artists."

"Wow, amazing pieces."

"i LOVE it, especially the first one!"

"I like this art work because at least she is creating something out of of a book that she probably doesn't use. i like how she kind of recycled in a way.They are beautiful."

"It is fine for you to express yourself, but not at another artists expense. People put their sweat and hard work into creating the very books you are destroying. You are not transforming books into something else, you are butchering them. I would find another way to express yourself and to create new metaphors without dismantling someone else's art. Yes, books are art. By cutting them up, you are mutilating the very thing you are trying to create."

"Great imagination!! I like it."

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