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Kevin Box  Santa Fe, NM

'Living Waters'
Fabricated stainless steel
'Temple Mandala'
Cast aluminum

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About Kevin

I look at a piece of paper as ‘tabla rosa’ a clean slate, perfect potential. This potential is activated by light and shadow as each decision creases into the paper.

My work celebrates the delicate nature of paper in museum quality bronze. Beginning a career in printmaking, my love for paper continued with my transition into sculpture. While working in a foundry, I developed an “organic burnout” technique specifically designed for casting paper that risks each original as the are burned out within the ceramic mold. The result is a one of a kind bronze sculpture, chased by hand and completed with finishing touches exclusive to my work. To meet the growing response from collectors, a few pieces each year are selected for limited edition casting. These also give me more time in the studio to continue exploring new ideas (the whole point of being an artist). Origami, paper planes, crumpled ideas and innovative abstraction are all themes that inspire this unfolding portfolio that strives towards a most archival form of paper.

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1 comment from the artist

"Every piece of paper goes through a 35 step 12 week process of transformation in order to finish it into bronze, aluminum or stainless steel. It's a crazy amount of work but the final product is the most archival paper in the world. Every piece has a story to tell and the next 7,ooo years to tell it........."

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"I saw Kevin's work at Loveland. I am interested in purchasing the smaller work of Conversation Peace. Could you please tell me the cost. Thanks."

"I recently bought a "crane rising" sculpture which caught my attention at a gallery here in Dallas. The instant I saw it I knew I had to have it. For it to be executed in bronze is amazing!"

"I like that on kevin cant wait tell u come and visit us again"

"that's cool"

"pic a; capsulation against insomniapic b; a progressive delve unto flight"

"What a Trip!!! I love it."

"great! i love his work and if anyone has some time, check out mine. i put the website on this"

"I think this artist is very interesting. I like the fact that each piece has some thought process behind it and that they all mean something to the artist. My favorite pieces are the dresses. I like how there's a flashback to the 1920s (maybe) in them. They remind me of Tamara de Lempicka's work."

"This is very different and i liked how he chose to use paper with no color to make his sculpture, but it is not my favorite."

"Like the poetic movement of the paper airplanes.Wonderful!"

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