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Lu Cong  Denver, CO

'A Song at Dusk'
Oil on panel
'Makena 6'
Oil on panel

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About Lu

Lu Cong is a contemporary American portrait artist. He is regarded by many as one of the most distinctive young artists to recently emerge from the American West. His paintings center on the faces of his carefully chosen subjects. His style pays homage to 18th Century Romantics, yet is unmistakably conceived in and relevant to the contemporary era. His portraits do not simply capture the physical and emotional state of the subject but rather they establish the complicated psychological interactions that ensue when one comes face to face with the sensual, inexplicable, and unsettling.

Recommended by our guest curators

Joyce Varvatos

Art advisor

"Having a unique approach to portraiture is not easy to accomplish yet Lu Cong does it flawlessly. While the subjects are contemporary the haunting expressions evoke a distant past. Not to mention how beautiful they all are."

Danielle Krysa

Founder of The Jealous Curator

"Stunning. I think it's those eyes - those skillfully painted soft, sad, beautiful eyes that completely pull me in to all of Lu Cong's work. Gorgeous."

Walter Martin

Musician, The Walkmen

"Lu Cong's paintings are stunning. The photographic clarity makes the subjects feel real and almost nightmarish ­ so familiar and so unsettling. All of those wonderful cool colors create an otherworldly beauty and tranquility. It's exciting when portrait paintings offer something so totally new and unexpected."

David Kassan

Brooklyn, NY artist

"I don't know Lu personally, but I have seen his work for a while, I remember some early darker pieces of his that were amazing, and this newer work that he is doing is just as awesome, he really is evolving. Hie tones, values and edges are incredibly inspiring and all of his works are well orchestrated I'm super fortunate to see a lot of his work in person whenever I stop in on Gallery Henoch here in NYC. I'd love for him to have a solo exhibition there!"

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"I was lucky to come across one of his early works at auction in Canada. Study of Julie M. It now has a place of honour in our home. Stunning and beautiful."

"Love his work. My wife saw one of his early works at auction, it now is a centerpiece of our collection. Everyone who sees it is drawn to the painting."


"Love your work-!!! Amazing.Can't afford gallery prices : (((Any rejects not gallery worthy that you are selling?please e-mail me anytime.Thanks, Lynn"

"I don't know why you guys are putting so much focus on their eyes. The paintings themselves look realistic to me. I don't see how someone manages to make paintings so photo-realistic. It's astonishing to me."

"It is appealing."

"the eyes look sooooo realits amazing"

"I absolutely adore your work. You are amazingly real."

"their eye's are freakishly real!"

"Would buy the top painting if it was in my budget; looks like "Kelsie #1" is facing a dilemma. The second painting, "My Name Is Tabitha," introduces a series of paintings with compositions featuring her portrait."

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