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Chris Hagerty  Brooklyn, NY

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About Chris

The current paintings involve the interiors of shopping malls and found images of the confict in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are a meditation on how Americans defne themselves by what they build and how they interact with their environment.

To create the work I collect visual source material and go through a process of editing, combining, overlapping, and emphasizing the images. This activity functions as a diving rod that helps me to make comparisons and fnd what has value in a cultural sense. Typically my work functions as an organization of the visual information I am exposed to.

The traditional format of painting on canvas is merely a means to an end for me. The paint surface unifes the images and ties together the sometimes disparate visual elements in the picture. At the same time, the traditional materials satisfy an economy and ease of use for me as a creator of objects.

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"whoa!! too cool!!!!!!!!!;D"

"Those colors are good and I like seeing the angles"

"Very unique perception and composition."

"Thought provoking and visually impressive. Nice work."

"Powerful, thought-provoking reflection on our current times."

"Loved how you used those awful mid eighties colors to portray shopping mauls. Very appropriate when given that periods american passivity towards the actual price of our overindulgence culture."

"Move over David Hockney!"

"Well, I'll give the artist credit for attempting something innovative, but the major colors are just too garish to be able to live with hanging on a wall. As for the artist's statement....and this may come off as nitpicking for others....but you really have to clean up the grammatical errors, of which there several. How can you be taken seriously when the reader has to stumble over the many misspellings. That's just sloppy."

"colors good but boring"


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