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Abraham Storer  Brooklyn, NY

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About Abraham

In my paintings, I attempt to locate the spiritual within the context of the landscape. I am influenced by the Romantic tradition of landscape painting, where nature is understood as a transcendent reflection of God. However, my paintings lack the purity and optimism of that period. Working within the Christian paradigm that positions the world as fallen yet with the potential for redemption, I am interested in the land as a place that is both profane and divine.

Large objects or voids typically interrupt the space of the landscape in my paintings. These areas serve as deposits of loss, yet reference Biblical symbols (such as water, rocks, tents and trees) and affirm a sense of peace.

My painting language relies on elements of tension and resolve. Moments of controlled and contemplative painting converge with more agitated gestures. Within my work it’s important that I expose evidence of my hand and the material substance of the paint. Just as nature has a transcendent quality where raw, earthy elements can converge into a spiritual expression, I hope my paintings function in a similar way.

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"very veryyyyyyyy ,intresting !!!"

"it's very interesting to see how you can compare your paintings to the real world, not only in God, but also to all the things that happen between us, such as how we temporarly feel as a hole has gone through us, like when a person close to us dies we feel as if there is a deep abyss inside us that can't be filled but in reality that hole is filled with the compromise of hope for more, to be able to sustand that pein that we receive, and how we can fill that hole in us by looking into our religion, and noticing that things that we don't think are important are the most simplist things in life that we need to fill that hole in ourselves."

"These are beautiful and so peaceful. I almost believed the first to be a photograph. I love the reflection in the first image."

"These are really nice. I like how it shows a reflection. Really fantastic !!!"

"These are lovely. Thanks."

"To think that heaven and earth could meet in a pot hole! Like the Romanticists, we are in awe of the sublime, yet unlike them, our wonder is not in the grandness of nature but in its quiet, calm and humble aspects. Yet even in the purity of the natural landscape, we feel that something is missing, a need for something more - for aspalt and rock quarries to be made beautiful, for what we have done with nature to be redeemed."

"Your work is fantastic! Who ever says it is anything less than what you have wanted it needs to focus on other things besides themselves. Or, you could let them keep guessing at what your true motive is behind a painting by saying nothing (that would sure show em up). The resolve and tension are definitely in these works. I like looking for similar things myself (such as in the large building within the small puddle). Fantastic! Camels fitting through the eye of a needle I tell ya!"

"tomyou don't get it....the ability to express oneself in painting is truly a gift from God. Being able to interpret this gift in words is an added gift. More comical is your simplistic attitude of art as production alone and not insight."

"Your description of your painting is comical! You should focus more on creating art with your brush instead of B.S. with your words."

"Good technique...nice work but after awhile a bit boring."

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