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Jessica Hess  San Francisco, CA

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About Jessica

Jessica Hess is a painter living and working in San Francisco. Her artwork focuses on street art and urban decay.

Jessica explains her work by saying, “Rather than elegance or grandeur, my focus lies in structure, simplicity, and decay. In practice I work with photographs, which serve as both a reference and a starting point. My work develops from an accumulation of images and impressions of urban, industrial, and abandoned architecture. All street art evidences creative traffic and the time invested by others on my otherwise lonely subjects, adding color and excitement to otherwise dull locations. In reworking and transforming these locations my paintings further this collaboration of time, structure, and surface.”

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"Urban Park Graffiti"

"Love the graffiti & the perpsective"


"Strong graffiti work"

"Looks like Detroit. It captures the beauty in urban abandonment or re-purposing. I would own this."

"Very nice! I'd love to see just a little more detail in the closest pigeon."

"there are 7 bird just flapping around"


"cool love them!!!!!"

"very beautiful - I love the warmth of the photo's - excellent eye."

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