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Kevin Palme  Asheville, NC

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About Kevin

Kevin Palme is an artist based in Asheville, NC. He earned a BA in studio art from Wake Forest University and an MFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. His work contemplates the temporal nature of existence and the plastic and abstract qualities of memory. Borrowing techniques from diverse periods in art history, his work features elements of tight representational painting as well as non-objective painting and minimalism. His current body of work, paintings of melting ice cubes, focuses on the malleability of paint, a temporary subject matter, and the irony of making a still life of a fundamentally ephemeral object.

Kevin explains the work by saying, “We are surrounded by impermanence. Fleeting moments, shifting perspectives, and change all illuminate the fact that nothing in life is permanent. Daily and seasonal transitions, birth, growth and death all remind us of the inevitability of impermanence. Even the most seemingly eternal landscapes will eventually succumb to time. We are left with memories. Abstract and residual, our memories are a means by which we can honor the past and recall experiences, relationships and parts of our histories. Oddly enough, painting feels permanent. It is a means of documentation that can be quick or slow, but one that seems durable and in some ways, timeless. An image left on a painted surface is the tangible result of working with a flexible and changing medium until the arrival of an end. It is a path that allows for a memory to be made into something more concrete than an idea.”.

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