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Tanya Miller  Montreal, QC, Canada

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About Tanya

When creating works of art it is important to me that they are meaningful, beautiful, positive and emotional. Beautiful – because there is too much ugliness in today’s world. Meaningful – because without meaning life would be empty and worthless. Positive – because positive art is my escape from the hardship of reality. Emotional because when we feel we live. Art is my past, my present and my future . It is my life.

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"i like the sky but its is really disturbing"

"MY REVIEWpic a; human civilization sails upon a mystic,inteligent aquatic civilisation"

"i agree Bosch comes to mind on style represented, interesting. don't get the beauty on the first one."


"Love the man in the boat and the fish such an atmosphere of mystery and humour (coming from the smile? on the fish!)"

"The top painting reminds me of "The Once and Future King" by T.H. WhiteBeautiful"

"a door into imagination.... nice work"

"Gorgeous paintings. I love these classical, imaginative visions."

"good photo i think is good"

"Wow I love these paintings. It has this Medieval type of look to it. Thumbs up."

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