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Richard Salcido  San Diego, CA

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About Richard

Born and raised in San Diego. My interest in art began at a very young age and was highly influence by comic books, the graffiti I saw on the streets and magazine advertisements. Received a BFA at Laguna College Of Art and Design.

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"You have to see his paintings in person or at least see the new stuff he is doing. I own the second painting posted here and the photo does no justice to the actual piece but his new stuff is so much better. He is destroying some of the most technically beautifully painted pieces anyone would ever sand or gouge into. some of the beauty of what he does is that he's not afraid to destroy paintings that most others would sell their souls to be able to paint."

"this is amazing. very cool. i love this."

"Your work is very different. A excellent different, it makes you stands out from what out artists have done. They way the woman in the pictures look strong,powerful, and makes them look like they are making a statement... Awesome WORKS!!"

"very beautiful work!"

"A friend of mine turned me onto your work. I'm going to your show in Park City. Intoxicating work. Thank You."

"Hauntingly beautiful. Dark, gothic feel caught my eye."

"He's having a show in Park City, Ut on Feb. 12-13, 2010 at Silver Queen Fine Art. I live in Park City so I'll be there!!"

"I love Salcido's worK!! I own the first piece above. The works are NOT drips but are gouges in the wood in which he paints on. He paints a beautiful painting then sands and scratches into it, very daring because a lot of artist would love to paint this well and then he just sort of "wrecks" them. His work is so lovely in person."

"OMGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I love this artists work! Beautiful! Outstanding! Two thumbs way way way way way way way up!!!"

"The second picture appealed to me most. Since the color of the paint streaks are forest colors, close to the top are shapes that represent leaves, and the girls shirt has leaves on it like camouflage, it looks like the artist was trying to portray a girl hiding in the forest. The expression on her face makes it seem as though she is tired of hiding and maybe even curious about what lurks beyond the point at which she feels she cannot leave. What I believe this picture is trying to show is curiosity of the unknown."

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