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'Bollywood sugar no. 5'
Print & collage and collage and pen with matte varnish on old wood in antique frame.
'Hera no. 4'
Mixed media. Print, collage and pen with matte varnish on found wood in antique frame.

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About Handiedan

Hanneke is an Amsterdam based artist and designer. In 2002 she graduated in photographic design at the Academy of Arts and Design St. Joost in the Netherlands. Although her degree says photography, she has also become well versed in apparel design as well as creating her own fine art.

HANDIEDAN’s mixed media artworks are a delicate cut and paste mixture wrapped in contemporary antiquity. She meticulously combines classic pin-ups and movie images with paint, ink, yellowed sheet music, old fashioned playing cards, money, stamps, Chinese papers, old wood, rusty metal and doodles as a playful mixture of filigree and a newfangled amalgamation of imagery.

Recommended by our guest curators

Danijela Krha

Editor, Beautiful Bizarre magazine

"I am enraptured by Handiedan’s collages, each piece is so beautifully complex it literally lures the viewer in, like an intricate puzzle."

Garry Booth

Owner, Phone Booth Gallery

"Handiedan combines old and new and is heavy in process as well as content. She has developed her bold and flourish-heavy collage style into an intricately layered finale that you can't help but run your fingers over."

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"Dynamic, with a cutting edge..."

"wow! good work!!!!"

"these are AMAZING pieces i was wondering if any of your work is for sale??"

"MY REVIEWpic a; shady deals by executives,who are well tied to dominering sects, and street hawks to secretly and endlessly control a one,strong,united numerical entity / currency.pic b; authority accomodates seduction as a dominant factor for which it showcases its wealth to subject information,people and faith to its own ideology."

"this work has so much potential!!!! but there is not meaning coming across!!! i love that you take imagery from specific eras and combine it all- BUT there is NO sense of narrative, and if there is its ussually "oh they're talking about how to play that hand at poker(or maybe a hand they were dealt in life). thier narratives are way too short and easily deciphered. these have so much potential! i can thinking of so many hidden narratives/purposes you could include! so find them for yourself and you'll go far!"

"I like it because it hase everything the economy is. This is also, beutiful art work!"

"its funny,"

"To the comment by Will Eskridge: The journey may be all that still has value in our modern culture. It's all personal perspective, and therefore totally relative, but works like this always cheer me up. I see someone with skill enough to summarize the dreams, passions, and pursuits of our cultures... using only the leftover imagery and the efforts that others deem to be disposable. This work is dynamic, without being trapped in a single moment, and seems to celebrate the journey from the perspective of someone who has reached a very admirable goal. This woman is an artist, and none of our opinions can touch that. I like her because she found little peices of our soul in the trash, and was nice enough to bring them back to us. Oh yeah, MARMALADE! [Hope I spelled it right]"

"I really love this kind of work. It's very inspiring and beautiful."

"mixed media has always been about using other art to make new art. That's the whole point of mixed media..other media. This is very unique imagery and a beautiful compilation."

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