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Luke Jerram  Bristol, UK

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About Luke

These transparent glass sculptures were created to contemplate the global impact of each disease and to consider how the artificial colouring of scientific imagery affects our understanding of phenomena. Jerram is exploring the tension between the artworks’ beauty and what they represent, their impact on humanity.

The sculptures were designed in consultation with virologists from the University of Bristol using a combination of different scientific photographs and models. They were made in collaboration with glassblowers Kim George, Brian Jones and Norman Veitch.

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"a photo please of the sculpture at Bristol Bath Science Park. It is truly beautiful!"

"Well, let's just say that I love them so much, I want them as chandeliers."

"It is unbelieveable"


"These are amazing! I am a biologist and I love that this artist has used biology as his inspiration. The pieces are beautiful."

"Inventive, brilliant. You must go to his site and see his amazing scope of work from a talking engagement ring to an acoustic wind pavilion that looks like wind chimes on steroids."

"This is really amazing. Glass art is the most beautiful! :D"

"Glass Microbiology? How creative! Would love to see luke do sculptures of dinoflagellates and radiolaria. Great work!"

"The skill involved in creating these objects is amazing, however after watching the video on the artists website I realised that the credit for this should really go to the craftsman Kim George who actually made them."

"Whoa... glass art has always amazed me. These are just too cool... :D"

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