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Julian Lee  Frankfurt, Germany

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About Julian

I’m obsessed about finding a deeper understanding of life and myself and this search, this frustration, often feels like I’m trying to fill a hole, hence the title ‘God Shaped Hole’ in reference to something far bigger than my understanding.

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"woah. im dizzy. not good!"

"Love the contemporary graphic images relating to graffiti like influences on life."

"This artwork makes me feel happy I love the use of color the 3 nature and the sence of piece even in the multiple layers. Great Artist!"

"The second looks like cotton growing in a backyard with a bird flying down towards it.. but not like a crow, it looks like a dove. It looks like there is something painted into the paint on the bulding and th fence."

"The work is strong and drew me in instantaneously while left wanting to see more. So, i did. Great work and great color."

"i love the top one, there is something about the tree on the top right and how it branches off as a shadow.the layering of colors is alluring."

"Julian, Thanks for sharing your art with the world.Originally I thought "God Shaped Hole" was the 2nd work shown on this page "refering to the white dove shape in the darkness of the opening, until I when to your site to see your other work.You're right, we do have a God shaped hole within us that we are constantly trying to fill whether we recognize it or not. Some fill it with sex,some with work, some with food,drugs,etc. God wants you to know that if you come to Him through His Son whom He sent for your salvation, He will reveal,through His word every purpose He has for your life! I pray God continues to bless you through the gifts He has given you. : )"

"very the God Shaped Hole idea. beautifully done."

"Interesting work."

"very interesting"

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