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Dessa Kirk  Chicago, IL

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About Dessa

This work is through me and not of me. I am documenting history.

It begins with imagery often from the past, when I was a girl around 15. The pictures get caught in today. The memories are short glimpses, a revisit of what happened. The flashbacks envelope me long enough to create a new experience. Useful. The deconstruction of these images is my relinquishing of the goods. Giving way to a new definition, infinite application for a no longer finite experience. The materials, the scraps of cars and bolts and beams from buildings make solid what was once inchoate. The pieces become reliquaries, details now applied and resting. It is evidence everything really happened. It is over and now it is beautiful. No longer mine its gone through me and I’ve done my job.

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"Dear Ms. Kirk:I am writing at the suggestion of Julia Bachrach of the Chicago Park District regarding your sculptures of Daphne in Northerly Park. I am writing a story about Daphne Gardens for American Road magazine ( and I have some questions about it that she could not answer. I have also tried to contact you through the Dessa Kirk Studios page on Facebook.I'm wondering what the statues are made of; I understand that they are supposed to be composed of old Cadillac parts. But Ms. Bachrach said she believed that you might not have been able to do this with the Daphne statues because cars were being made with less and less metal at the time. Both Ms. Bachrach and I noticed that there is some red coloration on the statues, and I was wondering whether that was simple wear and tear, or whether the metal or other material was treated in some way, or painted. In one picture Ms. Bachrach has, the color of the statue is orange, so I am not even certain of the color.Lastly, I'm wondering how tall the statues are. Ms. Bachrach did not have the precise information.I would really like to speak with you on the telephone if that is possible; please feel free to reach me at 212-974-1025. If you would prefer that I call you at a specific time, I can also do that. If you would rather just answer the questions through email, that will work as well.If you have any questions about me, you can consult my web site at you for your time and attention, and I hope to hear from you soon.Sincerely,Jane Rosenberg LaForge"

"Vibrant, spiritual and so very moving. Thank you!"

"WOW! This piece has such a vibrancy that is raw and so very poised with power; I am utterly floored by the artists creative flow...SUPER COOL...SUPER...SUPER...SUPER...!"

"Fabulous, your feeling is exquisite. work on....lingi"

"MY REVIEWpic a; humanity is the peak of genome/individual expression, from the highest view of plants."

"normally im not one for sculptures but this one just screams all that is life to me"

"Isn't this in Millenium Park now?"

"Sooo Awesome!"

"Several Questions: What is the meaning of this piece of work?"


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