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Hugo Crosthwaite  Brooklyn, NY

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About Hugo

I let the act of drawing dictate my compositions, combining mythical and historical sources with contemporary provocations. Centerfolds, cartoon creatures, commercial facades and strange street characters populate my work, reflecting Mexican culture’s condition of colonization and its customization of American icons; all with the purpose of conveying a personal baroque narrative that resembles an abstract urban, chaotic sediment reminiscent of Tijuana, Mexico, the city I come from.

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"Disturbing, 50's-60's-ish sci-fi-esque but enthralling and interesting. Well-done technically as well."


"Love the post-modernist renaissance style that evokes some incredible emotions that simply stop you in your tracks. I especially loved that second one, it evokes repulsion, sadness and hope all at the same time!"

"intresting but it seems as if he is trying to hard to invoke possible confusion?!?"

"Add some tigers, a few ballarinas and youll make some mainstream money. JK - I love the letting go of the shoulders to simulate acceptance of situation. The hand does the same thing for me. Two very different forms of acceptance."

"Very interesting and unusual and its what lots of people will admire. Keep up the gr8 work Hugo C.! :)"

"Cannot get over the detached hand giving me the "thumbs Up". This artist is simply amazing. Evoking an emotion in me is hard but this image just made me stare and analyze!"

"Hugo is a great draftsman with wonderful imagination. Hecombines renaissance talent with a modern day twist."

"awesome drawings!"

"WOW!! Did you see his video? He just stands there and draws an entire work and then completely deconstructs his drawing with painted pixels."

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