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Kerstin zu Pan  Berlin, Germany

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About Kerstin zu

One of Berlin’s most original photographers, Kerstin’s work has been described as expressive, unusual even bizarre but never dull. The top image is a part of her recent “Supervision” series where no digital tricks are used, just good old fashioned wigs, makeup and the incredible talent of Kerstin.

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pic a; the unequaled beuty of elegance
pic b; a bold and unrepentant manifestation of a nation

i really like this, very colorful and impressive work cant waite to c more

This Is Very Amazing, In My Art Class We Have To Do Projects On Famous Artists And I Saw You And I Thought You Were Very Good!

I Diiggg! .. (: thys is amazing people! ahaha..i needa meet Kerstin zu Pan

I viscerally ADORE these photographs.

Her site is just cool
Go in the portfolio in her site and there's heart icon that when you click it it takes yu to another supercool

beautiful work! i actually love her usage of color and REAL people!
if you think these pictures are cool, her website is a real treat : )
keep up the amazing work Kerstin!

very nice work great use of color hope to see more work and don't let someone from an art school water down your rainbow soul..

i wish the color use was more limited, the entire color spectrum is distracting,and there is no play with the interaction, local relations are just according to the spectrum, interesting though how the repeated colors are different

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