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Beth Frey  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Beth

I primarily work with pen and marker on paper, composing narratives using faceless, childlike figures performing gestures that refer to religious practice and and moral dilemmas. I choose to model my drawings off illustration of children’s stories and fairy tales but add surreal elements to the landscape as well as layers of colour and abstract shape to add a sense of movement or ‘spirit” outside the performed act. The childlike figures, although not necessarily children, serve to illustrate both vulnerability and innocence and to give a light-hearted approach to actions that may otherwise be interpreted as somber or severe.

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"I was lucky enough to see these in person at a show last month, and the work is even more impressive up close."

"Thanks everybody for your comments! It's such an honour to be included on this blog and to hear all your feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I love email from strangers."

"I like it - draws me in for some reason that I can't quite explain. Love the 09 work. Thanks Beth!"

"Am sure every Artist really enjoy drawing but unfortunately this medium is not being put foward..Its like minature paintings in drawings!"

"I really like it- it kinda reminds me of Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights; there are definitely some strange things in there. And the way you use the marker is really unique-looks like watercolor"

"I love this! It looks like it could be in a story book. It has a very fantasy-ish quality to it. I adore this style."

"wow,.. ive gotta say that is very unique.i love it."

"i wish i could see it a bit closer but i think that its wonderful!"

"It seems the top Drawing has a lot of sexual undertones; you say this is Art for Children? IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I AM ONLY TRYING TO UNDERSTAND."

"Wow that is really unique. Its kinda cool."

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