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Mike Shankman  Brooklyn, NY

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About Mike

My recent paintings take place in a broken landscape. We are passively observing the aftermath of some cataclysm, its evidence scattered but its causality no longer clear. Splitting and crumbling structures are quietly overwhelmed by nature and time, their original purposes long expired. This is a sort of modest fantasia in which I hope to pose questions of what is real and what has happened here as we sort through what remains.

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"6 out of 5. Michael's work is so beautiful and sombre at the same time. His "broken landscapes" resonate on many levels: emotional, intellectual, creative, environmental. He is brilliant."

"The composition is killer--dynamic placement of diagonals against perpendiculars makes what could be a stagnant scene vibrate with energy. The range & richness of colors is impressive, also. These are some of the best I've seen on this site; they're thoughtfully designed & compelling.The artist's site is well-set up, too."

"The colours and textures of a decaying structure will encourage me to look at abandoned buildings in a different way. Thanks"

"incredible. shankman has inspired me to make a comeback with my own artistry."

"just awsome"

"Your work is very intresting. You inspired me to make many pitchures, because i am a little artist in progress, i hope i become as succesful as you one day, wish you luck.p.s: You have a real talent. (:"

"hey mike, these are mind-blowing. keep up the symbolic art"

"Since art is the inner core of feeling deep within the individual, I believe, that each indivdual's response to an art form would,obviously also be unique. The richness of the colors couple with the sharpness of details are eye arresting.The shattered structure reminds me of a life that is broken and disatisfied. The splintering lumber is a reminder of the quickness and frailty of life in disarray. Overall, I found the painting captivating. I have always admired people who were able to creat beauty of canvas and paint. Coach Joe"


"hey you there ,wait do u think ur dodin painting thes pictures"

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