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Christa Palazzolo  Austin, TX

Charcoal, colored pencil and watercolor on paper
Oil on canvas

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About Christa

Christa Palazzolo received her BFA from The University of Texas at Austin, with a study in
Painting and Printmaking. Currently focused on using portraiture as a vehicle of mockery,isolation, discomfort, and objectification, she strives to confront formal aspects of painting with a contemporary voice and commentary.

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10 reactions displayed

"Looks like amazing is taken. wunderbar on the top one and I think I know the girl on the bottom."

"I was wondering why use the fur is used in this picture ?"

"wow these are amazing"

"I really was in daze with the painting of the women.They looked so realistic and lost in their thought. i love your painting. If you could mail where i can see more of your work I would greatly appreciated.I live in the DFW Area."

"I said amazing!"


"Very interesting and well painted work."

"Wonderful work! Love the subject matter and technical skills she displays. I really like how she makes the backgrounds as interesting as the subject without distracting from them."

"Beautiful and well done!Sarah"

"Congrats Christa! The best painter I met in college. I still remember your women portrait series. I want to see more.My eyes really focus on the green mosaic stripes of the shirt. The textural depth of your figures is still strong. More!"

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