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Kelly Allen  Los Angeles, CA

'Untitled (Orchid Eyes)'
'Honey Please'

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About Kelly

Through combining a wide variety of images from a range of sources, I seek to create connections between subjects that are typically regarded as unrelated. By researching symbolism culled from a collection of cultural and spiritual dictionaries, I gain a new understanding for animals, colors, shapes, and so on. These creative attributes have served to aid people throughout history by honoring and respecting the creatures and substance of every day life. I am fascinated with the human compulsion to create meaning and narratives for subjects and occurrences in the world, on both the personal and the cultural level.

Life is amazing, mysterious, and rich with beauty and knowledge. It is also filled with opportunities to develop wisdom, which, at its deepest level, provides peace of mind and spirit. My work is here for you to awaken your imagination, spark your curiosity, and find connections between creatures and forms. Here you can be released from the constraints of time and obligation. Invent your own connections, or just look closely.

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"The 1st one reminds me of an ink blot test."

"These peices are very impressive i think u should try to sell some of them. Your work is pure genius"

"These are amazing.I loved the creativity1 It is truly brilliant and fascinating at the same time.I love it."

"These are amazing. I really like the detail and creativity. Someone mentioned that people might criticize these saying they are Dali-esque. I agree completely that these are original and may be inspired by Dali and if so great. Everyone draws inspiration from different places and that's the true beauty of art."

"Kelly's work is AMAZING! You really have to see it in person to understand how much technical skill she has. Nothing she does is collage but even when you look at her work it's hard to convince yourself that the images are painted and not cutout prints. Kelly will be part of a group show December 19th in San Francisco at Michael Rosenthal Gallery on Valencia. She is also having a solo show at the Medicine Agency in San Francisco March 19. If you are in the area check it out for sure!"

"Very different from what I expected. It's got a lot of color and vibrancy. That poor tiger, no wonder he's puking up all that crap, he hasn't got a body."

"Be wonderful to see what you Kelly would produce in the field of animation, could get really wild! Wonderful, thanks."

"A lot to look at in each piece and interpret. Interesting work."

"Interesting artworks created with unrelated subject matter. Though it seems nonsensical, it does provide an interesting arrangement that forces you to see things you might have missed at first glance. I always enjoy the mix of organic and abstract."

"I'm just waiting for people to start criticizing and mentioning how this seems Dali-esque. Please don't, people. It does not steal from Dali; it may only vaguely remind you of it but it does not. Besides even if it borrowed from Dali, art is a universal collaboration.That being said, I love these works! Very mind expanding. Her imagination fascinates me too. Great job."

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