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Hannah Duggan  Athens, GA

Oil and acrylic on sheet metal, laser cut wood background
Oil and acrylic on wood panel

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About Hannah

Hannah Duggan is an artist based in Athens, GA. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia.

Hannah explains the work by saying, “Print media is an ephemeral entity; it is fragile, easily discarded and becoming obsolete in the digital age. Current events are similarly quickly replaced and forgotten with the abundance of information and stimuli of mass communication. My process is a dedication to time. Sifting through newspaper articles, books, images from magazines and other miscellaneous forms of print media to create a collage which I then paint in a representational manner is time consuming and seemingly redundant. Why should I not just use the original photograph? I believe painting a photograph preserves and elevates the selected image. I see a painting as a memorial; a willing sacrifice of time.”

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