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Scott Belcastro  Los Angeles, CA

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About Scott

Using acrylic paints and wood panels, this Los Angeles based painter brings element’s from the wooded area’s of New York’s upstate region into view.With meticulous detail and colorfully explosive skies Scott pushes toward familiar places many of us remember through childhood experiences , And at times creates a place of silence for observation and reflection.

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"Thanks for the nice comments everyone, I got an overwhelming response to this post. It feels good to connect with so many people on a more personal level. I wish you all the best...... I will be releasing a print soon maybe around the new year, just to let you all know. Check the blog for the info or send me your e-mail for updates on work and shows.Scott-"

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"Nice Paintings, the bottom painting is my favorite. i feel it expresses loneliness when i see the figure of the man walking towards the top of the hill alone."

"Love love love!"

"I so love these.Do you want to marry me?"

"This reminds me of the movie and book "The last unicorn" i don't know why"

"beautiful. reminds me of the stark bone dry fields of indiana in the winter time."

"love your work!"

"i agree with Yaya"


"the other day my 9 yr old daughter and i sat at the kitchen table drawing fantastic creatures and the like and i was whisked back 25 yrs ago when THIS artist and i did the same thing, on his grandpa's drafting table making dragons and horrible monsters, much to his delight. i remember his fascination with colours and idea of creating something from your mind. well i haven't improved my technique since then, but scott certainly has. brilliant. evocative. personal.melancholic and humorous. his grandpa must be very proud."

"I love it,a good thing speaks for itself."

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