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Adam Alaniz  Riverside, CA

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About Adam

Adam Alaniz’s drawings are filled with animals, flowers, clouds and nature. He draws his inspiration from landscapes, fables, science and nature. Adam has been chosen for American Illustration and Illustration West for his illustrations for the book “Germ Stories”.

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"Salvador Dali's son. Nice work!"

"awesome art peices i wish i could paint or draw like that :D <3 and very imaginative"

"i love how in the first one everything has a happyface...these other worlds you create seem so amazing so friendly.."


"Now this! is what I call art :D"

"Adam I have a hard time finding what i call art in the abstract world.Most is so dumb. you have a nice twist. My question is do you make a good living selling you art or do you have a real job. thanks."

"this is so beautiful, whimsical and sweet and yet psychadelic at the same time. awesome."

"wow. this is amazing. and sort of funny at the same time. the artistry is great and its very eye catching. i would by this for my house. lol. its very creative"

"this. is. AWESOME."

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