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Skye Walker  San Diego, CA

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About Skye

I am an artist and designer. That is all I know and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I am always striving to evolve as an artist and keep up with a world that is changing at an increasing rate.

I graduated from Oregon State University with a BFA in Graphic Design with a focus on Fine Arts. Design is rapidly changing with the advent of technology and everyone is able to work on computer programs. I take pride in my design work because I focus on making it great and not pieced together at the last minute. In this cookie cutter world of art and design, my focus is to stand out among the rest and create the best work I possibly can for my clients and employers. I’ve worked in-house and on freelance projects with such companies as: prAna, Rip Curl, Redsand, Haro Design, Dragon Optical, Nike Swim and many more. I try to diversify myself in an ever changing multi media landscape with print design, illustration, videography, paintings and more.

My paintings are inspired by both the human condition and the environments that surround us. I am also very intrigued by how we deal with each other as humans, both on a personal and physical level. It is a subject that has been dealt with in art for centuries and will keep being an important subject matter for as long as humans exist.

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"maravillosas formas y colores. Felicidades!!!"

"Love your art bro! It definitely is ASTIG just like John said. Really wished that I can grab one of your art there :D"

"I really enjoy the two pieces shown above. The Emotional Influences are very familiar to me. I can identify with them especially the bottom paining, through experiences and life altering events that have happened in my past. Or maybe I'm reading it wrong. Your talent has a therapeutic value to the public. Also to individuals on a personal level artists and the general norm. Peace, Kevin B."

"wonderful color, flow, expressions of both humans & nature"

"I just love this work,The knid of work I strive to achieve,its breath taking.Well done"

"i LOVED this."

"too much going on"

"I did not even notice the faces in the first one until Bella said something and I have stared at that painting for some time. I love the colors and how modern and wonderful it is. Your work is beautiful. I aspire to make work that wonderful someday. This is truly the best are I have seen in a very long while."

"i love it!! the colors, the shades and it took me a min. to realize there was a second face in the first one. Your artwork is prodigious."

"All I can say is that I want to see more of your artwork! You must have a body of work that has brought you to this point . . .what is next for a talent like you?What is your website? I wanna buy some art!"

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