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Ken Keirns  Redwood City, CA

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About Ken

Ken Keirns is a Northern California artist who grew up in Flint, Michigan. After spending nearly a decade in Chicago, Ken moved out West in late 2007 to paint full-time and complain about the lack of snow. While his primary focus has been working with oil paint, he has been known to deliver the odd sculpture, toy prototype or mixed media piece. His recurrent subject matter revolves around cranially endowed women and monkeys interlaced with personal experiences, dreams, and the occasional bad pun. Ken’s education was in graphic design. He only took a few formal painting classes — he is mostly self-taught through research and trial & error.

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"I have to say that this art work is a fine dime. I give it TWO THUMBS UP ! Way to go ! You make the art work in my town look like sh*t. :)"


"I really enjoy his paintings. Thanks for sharing!"

"These are like those humor cartoon portraits you get at the mall! Comparing these to stuff at the Johnathan Levine gallery is kind of an overstatement."

"Keep doing what you're doing, great work! Flint's not just an auto town anymore."

"Ouch! I could be wrong, but I think Kat just insulted me. "Any woman with a brain" would realize that this is just one person's expression with a paintbrush and would not take it so personally. If a woman with a brain didn't like it, she would be intelligent enough go on to something else rather than take the energy to be so nasty in her critique. Lighten up... it's art, you're not required to like it, but at least show some respect for the artist's effort at expressing his vision and passion... no matter how "trendy"."

"Love this work...very brilliant and beautiful!"

"This is the first time ive comment on a artist. I just wanted to tell you that your great."

"Anna, take an art history class."

"wow soooooooooooo pretty i wish i was 1/2 that good __l_o__v__e____i_t___"

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