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Mark Weaver  Atlanta, GA

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About Mark

Mark is an Atlanta based designer and illustrator. His MSCED (Make something cool everyday) portfolio is an eclectic mix of retro references and modern collage. His clients include Wired Magazine, Paste Magazine, American Airlines, Stereogum and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

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'Mountain Views'

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"Amazing collages including a perfect mix of colors! really lovin it dude..."

"I love your work, would you be willing/ able to install and sell prints of your art for a show in atlanta?"

"Having good color applications dude"

"Mark, There are t-shirts in reproduction now, with their designers sitting on millions, with less on them. I think the image says something especially in reference to the song and hard-to-get women with their "I shot you down" outlook on life. But thats just me..."

"i love love love his work! it reminds me so much of 60's pop art/collage. You really think you have looked at everything in his collage, but then there are more elements that are somewhat hidden.and ish, i am not a grammar nazi or an english major. stop sipping the haterade! i am a law student who pays attention to small details and could care less how i dot my i's and strike my t's unless it has anything to do with legal memorandum!its all in the details! and mark (if you are reading this which i am sure you are not) let your haters be your motivators!"


"that is so cool"

"I absolutely love the top picture. The lower picture is good as well but it lacks depth. Ish, that paragraph was not written by Mark Weaver, and I see nothing glaringly sinful about its grammatical construction."

"Joyce: "Atlanta based" should be "Atlanta-based". (Hey Ish, did I put my period in the right place?) Ish is totally a grammar Nazi. This statement is coming from a graduate with an English degree. I like the first collage. I love the message of MSCED. I think I might go do that right now."

"To the comment by Ish........where is the grammar error?"

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