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Benjamin Jones  Brooklyn, NY

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About Benjamin

Evoking a sense of rapid production and consumption, my current work utilizes architecture and urban planning as metaphors to probe issues of growth, frailty, and self-destruction. I explore pattern, fractures, shifts and realignments to question the idea of development, destruction and co-dependence, and in turn obsessive fetishes and vain ambitions. I am interested in the dualities of the habitat that is at once residential and industrial, private and public, constructed and de-constructed. These dualities are further explored through a language of form that pairs elements that are highly finished and completely raw, explicit and evocative.

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9 reactions displayed

"I like this piece but why can't benjamin jones just shut up about it? Let me interpret it the way I want."

"Very the fell that the angles give you."

"I have an interesting IQ and still don't understand a thing the artist said."

"very nice...i like it. i hope to see more."

"so cool yeah"

"love it so much"

"Interesting sculptures."

"I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! IT IS SO AMAZING! i love all the angles and how it feels like its a city, but a city going in all different dirrections. it is such a great peice of art"

"Very nice....and creative..."

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