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Kirsten McCrea  Montreal, QC, Canada

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About Kirsten

I want to live in a world where every home is full of art and it isn’t illegal to paint the streets.
My paintings and drawings explore issues of cultural memory, looking at pop vs. underground culture, the media, and popular mythologies. I tend to work in large series: in ‘Hot Topic’ I explore the role of artist-as-memory-keeper through 60 paintings that depict important, but little-known, feminist icons, while the series ‘Kim Jong Bomb’ parodies traditional political portraits and plays with the narratives that are constructed around world leaders. I can also be a sucker for purely decorative drawings, print-making, ‘zines, and almost anything else crafted by hand.

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"you're amazing and your works show true talent!!!"

"I love the concepts and wild styles this artist consistently comes up with. I've been following Kristen's work for a couple years now and took out a subscription to her monthly mail-out, "Papirmasse" last year. I love it. Definitely someone to watch."

"From homoerotic wrestlers to bearded ladies to Stephen Harper hamster face, Kirsten McCrea takes us on a journey through a truly Canadian landscape, sunglasses and all. McCrea's Patrick Watson print evokes the fine shrubbery of a richly textured Montreal autumn, while her ode to Degrassi Junior High melts pop culture and fine art together like a fine eggplant with a sharp parmigiano. This is an artist to watch..."

"I really enjoy the Kim Jong, a construct of various aesthetics. The artist seems to think big with details, this is for me what makes her stand out."

"The cassette painting seems really romantic. its cute and very touching. Other than my sappy mushy talk. I love the detail in it. Very good shading!!!"

"This artist has found her style, and thus the works contain artistic merit, given that artistic merit is based on one person finding joy in a work, and that the artist herself has found joy in her work through the proliferation of her creative concepts. Keep it up, and ignore those who give you anything but constructive input."

"I really like the tape player picture. I would love to have artwork like that in my home!!! GREAT JOB ON THAT WOW!!!"

"Interesting concept."

"These works seem more concerned with the proliferation of style than with having any sort of artistic merit. It feels like I have seen most of this stuff on Fecal Face."

"Do you ever come across those artists whose work you instantly fall in love with? I love Kirsten McCrea's art. Her web site shows the humor, variety and appealing compositions that makes me want to see more. Thanks Artistaday for introducing the awesome artists I might otherwise have not known about!"

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