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Nigel Cox  London, UK

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About Nigel

Painting primarily on linen, I build up thin layers of oil paint and glazes, developing depth and detail. The resulting paintings are smooth to the touch and seem to glow with an inner light.

My love of large open spaces and lack of clutter is obvious in my work but I am also fascinated by detail. These opposing elements are merged in my paintings in a style which I call Photorealistic Minimalism*.My paintings provide the viewer with a glimpse beyond the clutter of everyday life, conjuring up notions of escape and peace, offering sanctuary from the frenetic world outside.

The figures are alone but not lonely; searching but not anxious, anticipating yet calm. They have an inner peace and strength and are at one with their surroundings. The paintings reflect solitude, tranquillity and confidence, giving every day scenes an unexpected and surreal feeling while keeping them solidly within the real world.

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"I love paintings, a well taken photo they are all beautiful!"

"this is a painting?? wow. amazing."

"technically excellenct - not sure how long they would hold my interest though"

"I love your work. It looks like the figures are going to walk right out of the canvas. I really enjoy the women in the dress."

"Wow. I keep expecting the girl in the dress to turn round at any moment. I love the movement of her skirt. The empty space around the figures is SO refreshing and uncluttered. I could look at them for hours."

"Admirable, even enviable, painting skill. But, many of the pieces are just the same bed with different colored sheets or the same song played on different instruments. Man walking away, woman in dress walking away, woman with braids walking away, etc., etc."

"very unique! a very creative approach to use of negative space, very well done!"

"Martha, the camera came into popular genre in the late ninteenth century, just after the explosion in the impressionist movement. The feeling then, could the camera not replace the artist? Not my comment, I'm referring to the "age old historical question". You misunderstood."

"These are wonderful! I especially like the frozen movement in the woman's dress."

"thats really pretty i like it"

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