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Seth Armstrong  Oakland, CA

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About Seth

Seth Armstrong was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After studying painting in Northern Holland, he graduated from California College of the Arts with High Distinction in 2006. His work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, The Netherlands,and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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"Great work, I love it love it love it."

"Incredibly expressive portraiture. It shouts out to me ... "Tell me the story!!" The small mandible, the huge mandible, the OD GI duds. What's going on here? What's that guy on the right holding between his thumb and index finger. What is the common thread? Are they saying, "Is this your quaalude?", or "How would you like this suppository, AH". Are they gay, and is that fellow about to pop an antiviral? Three pairs of eyes, boring into yours, the viewer.If an the object of art is to get you thinking, this is near the top; like Hopper's people in the diner. I do not dismiss Rockwell as a trivial "graphic artist"; he was a fine artist in his own right and his genius created a genre. If a valid object of portraiture is to capture people as they really are as Norman Rockwell did and still show the best of their humanity, you could someday be his equal. My only suggestion would be to give us viewers more tantalizing hints in the background. Maybe you did and I missed them. Maybe I'll have to take another look.Great job! I gave it 5 stars! Great work!"

"My Idea: The people on the rightt are related and the guy on the left is a childhood friend. They are on the wrong side of the tracks and just comitted a crime. They think they are so cool. Just wait."



"Fabulous. I love this Google artist of the day. I have discovered so many new artists! I am very traditional with the Impressionists and love to study them. This work is pure fun!"

"They looked like people I knew, but could not place!! Fascinating"

"Wow those peices are awesome! It's always nice to see stuff like that on someones birthday. Gives me a since of insperation (:Great job! I love looking aat your pieces (:"

"the second one makes me think of the day n night video, really impressive feelings"

"Seth! I have had this app on my iGoogle for a while and now I recognize one of your paintings. How cool! Much greetings from the Netherlands!Ellen (Pirita's room mate from Groningen)"

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