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Chris Dorosz  San Francisco, CA

'stasis 13'
'stasis 34 (scandal)'

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About Chris

Chris Dorosz earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University in 1994 before completing his Masters of Fine Art at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in 1997. He now maintains a studio practice in San Francisco where he also teaches Color Theory, Design, and Painting at the Academy of Art University.

Chris explains the ‘paint drop’ sculptures by saying “I develop the idea of the ‘staple paintings’ further by trapping fallen paint drops in a grid work of clear vertical rods. Through the viewer’s movements in aligning and de-aligning these pixel-like paint drops, full body portrait forms emerge and vanish. By placing my subjects in a form of ‘stasis’ through the medium I mean not only to protect them for a little while, but alternately to underscore the tenuous nature of human physicality where any moment life as we know it might just collapse into a pool of droplets or drift upwards into the atmosphere.”

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it is very cool!!!!!!


oh my god this is amazing

Wow. What a neat concept!! I've never seen anything like this before. WOW!!!!

i was wondering if you could move through them or if they are static?

What a neat concept :D

It sure is actually interestng, I am hoping I know the idea sooner.

WOW!!! Beautiful I never heard of 'paint drop' art til now. It's great. WATCH THAT VIDEO!!!!!! The video goes fast, but it's a good summary of what they do with 'paint drop' art. The piece of art work they made in that video was absolutly amazing:D

Wow, How long did it take to do this artwork? A lot of patience just like working with preschoolers :) When I go back to San Francisco for a vacation I definitely want to see your designs.

I absolutely love your work. I've looked at your website and find it very inspirational. Thank you for making my day

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