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Brian Cooper  Los Angeles, CA

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About Brian

I’m interested in our age old desire to rise out of the everyday. Over and over, we strive for some sort of escape or transcendence while ultimately falling short. In painting we see this desire from antiquity to the present, continually visualizing some sort of alternative sense of place or being. My paintings toy with this desire to escape the finite. ‘Visions of Firsthand Knowledge” and ‘Blue Boxes” conflate weathered landscapes with geometric abstract painting. Both arenas are depicted as failing attempts to transcend finite space. ‘The Romance of Space and Time” and ‘Constellation Construction” are inspired from geometrically shaped borders created around constellations in the night sky. It is an artificially constructed flat plane set across the landscape of the infinite. This tension between flat and far mirrors the pieces’ trompe l’oeil technique where tattered constructions of carpentry create corrupted and decrepit places of escape. They dazzle and entertain while vanishing into unobtainable depths. The paintings make a point to acknowledge their shortcomings even as they uncontrollably fantasize with their spectacle of visual form. Their thirst for daydreaming battles their understanding of its limits.

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"These are incredible pieces of abstract art. Wonderful patterns and colors!!"

"Extremely refreshing portrayals of tangible objects painted with a sense of photographic constraint. Masterful play on texture and hypnotic play on depth. Absolutely stunning!"


"I love it, its the kind of art that the more you look at it, the better you feel."

"man. this is pretty awesome. there is so much tension in the pieces."

"Wow!splendid! nice work with the art! It looks very complicated!"

"Splendid!!!How about doing this in a fractal pattern?"

"love the work...its great...havnt seen many artists use different perspectives like this in a while"

"The peices are a have a serene, yet violent feel as the perspectives are thrown, yet the colors are muted and the surfaces weathered. They both are excellent!"

"your art leaves me with a peaceful mind frame. thanks for the inspiration."

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