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Joey Slaughter  Ruston, LA

'Agree to Disagree'

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About Joey

Joey Slaughter earned his BFA from Memphis College of Art. He received his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Upon graduating Cranbrook, Slaughter was awarded the prestigious Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant. He has received the Louisiana Division of the Arts Career Enhancement Grant, He has been published in New American Paintings magazine three times. This year he was nominated the Louisiana Prize from South Arts and received the Sam and Adele Golden residency. He is currently living in Ruston, LA, and is Associate Professor of Art at Louisiana Tech University.

Joey explains the work by saying, “My paintings and constructions investigate the “look” of digital information as it is transmitted around us, providing an overabundance of stimuli and therefore, distractions. I create abstract works that references conversations, usually a direct communication between two people. I wonder how a simple conversation is absorbed between people, how they’re connected, and what the conversational wavelengths would look like. The main idea is to create abstractions from conversations if you could see sound waves from analogue and digital devices passing through and around people. I imagine it to be very chaotic, yet beautiful. I imagine a sentence or phrase as a specific color harmony, and I use color as wavelengths/spectrums our eyes can see. Sometimes they are subtle transitions of color and others are intentionally dissonant. To illustrate the physical presence of all this information, these symbols are then expanded into the 2D and 3D realms through hands on and digital applications. These cut drawings are then combined with painting and other hand-made pieces, resulting in a blend of tight and loose, machine and man. They are not at odds with one another, but rather work together to make a unified whole. The combination of these traditional and non-traditional processes is important, and allows for a play between spontaneity and precision, such as occur in conversations.”

Recommended by our guest curators

Kyle Brooks

Arabia Mountain, GA Artist

"Looking through the Artist-A-Day list of artists is a time consuming task. Sometimes certain art works grabbed your attention. The colorful groupings of Slaughter’s art reached out to me. I love the simplicity of the work. The large sections of solid color are beautiful the way he has grouped and shaped them together. His assemblies remind me of being able to look at flowers and nature through special-made glasses."

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