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Anna Routh  Fort Worth, TX

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Originally from North Carolina, Anna Routh is an accomplished painter and photographer. Focusing on light and color in her pieces, Anna seeks to capture an unadulterated beauty every time she approaches a subject.

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"Anna, I bought your "diversity" painting (3 ladies at a bar) at your garage sale a yr or so ago. I live on 4th Street.How are you doing?"

"Amna , i really love the surreal qualities in the first image. The light creating a vast landscape for the back ground ,the floating shelf with it's objects and then the reality of hard work and mess A very well composed picture"

"I have to agree- the window is really good. It does share the emotion of the room; empty, dark. A really thoughtful piece. Good job."

"I like the window the best.Shows some of the feelings that the room has and shares with it's people."

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