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Sam Wolfe Connelly  Alexandria, VA

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About Sam Wolfe

As an artist my favorite thing to draw is animals. I also like to put stories behind my pieces that are open to the viewer to interpret. I feel that its important as an illustrator to convey something beyond that actual art that gives each drawing more depth. By doing this, it gives the art a chance to breathe and live without restricting viewers to something they may not be able to relate to.

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"Thank you all so much! Kim-If you would like any copies, contact me at wolfesclothing@gmail.comJim-I didnt draw it with the intention of that statement about women, but i can definitely see how someone might apply it that way. Your mother and mine would have a lot in common, haJasmine-You have my permission to publish it on your blog :]"

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"I love the imagination and this artist is obviously very skilled."

"I love the fox pic! I don't quite see the figure as a headless woman with gore like Jim Gibbons -- I though more of swan lake and the illustration of her from under the water- her head having broken the surface and there fore not seen... thus the great variation in art. You see what you would like to. Either way you look at it it is beautiful work."

"love the work"

"amazing! not usually my taste but the more i look at it the more my imagination goes crazy. looked at the site.. shirts.. what can i say i want every single one!!"

"I love these pictures. I just started a blog and would love to discuss what I see in the first picture but will only do so with your permission. Please let me know."

"wow! these r absolutely powerful and gorgeus! thanks 4 having this being shown! lol ;)"

"Haha, is that FireFox eating Thunderbird? Too funny... Great depiction of both! Love the details."

"You are a wonderful artist. Both pieces are amazing."

"Story telling art at it's best. Wonderful."

"Love these. I believe the first was made with inspiration from a diety from a manga (not sure if its an actual believed diety) in which a minor god in the form of a fox looked over the crops. Anyway, i simply love both of these, such attention to coloring and detail. Im sure the bottom one is from egyptian or greek mythology."

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