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Matt Haber  New York, NY

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About Matt

Born in San Diego and raised near lakes in the mountains of So Cal, I spent a lot of my formative years playing with Legos, and other toys of which i would stare at the backs of the packages to dream of what to get next. I’d also pass the time writing stories and constantly drawing.

These days I spend my time in New York being inspired, getting lost and painting pictures to pass the time. Current artistic inspirations include: Winsor McCay, Margaret Kilgallen, Marcel Dzama, Hayao Miyazaki, Aubrey Beardsley, Ernest Shepherd, Mary Blair and many more. I think mark-making and storytelling are the most important things we can pass on.

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"The second one reminds me of Noah's ark."

"Such FUN Fantasy! Love the colors and detail on each piece of work. Impressive imagination!"

"I love this work. Imaginative, fantastic, picture book illustrations for big people."

"I like this, more specifically the second one (the first one doesn't really do it for me). I like that it's sort of childhood imagination meets adult conceptualization...if that makes sense to anyone but me! Anyway, and interesting concept..but not enough of a pop to put up on my wall."

"i love the picture. it's my favorite one yet!"

"this really brings out the creativity someone has. Taking abstract into something that pops with joy, and feels more like a happy setting, something that can always get someone to smile."

"i saw this was immediately drawn to it. i love it the colors are amazing and the concepts are very original. the imagination level is way up there its different from a lot of the artists out there. i love it and would love to see more of his work!"

"Yeah, yeah that's right."

"these are soo pretty. i like all these kind off art... keep it up."

"Very imaginative and very fun artwork."

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