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Brian Donnelly  Toronto, ON, Canada

Oil, turpentine, hand sanitizer, canvas
'Blue hour'
Oil, turpentine, hand sanitizer, canvas

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About Brian

Brian attended the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto where he continues to live and work. He will add a solo exhibition at Toronto’s Show & Tell Gallery later this year to his growing list of shows. From the Show & Tell site, “Brian views his work as a way to settle his own selfish whims, while exploring art and art culture through representational painting.”

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"I actually really like this. The message is so attainable and understandable. I love it."

"Now this I rather like lol"

"very different. hard to stop looking at."

"I think the work is interesting actually. I like the minimalism behind each work - the cut and paste feel -- I'm a big fan of marcel Dzama's work, and the feel of these draaws comparisons for me. I like the work overall and I feel there could more to each piece than what meets the eye."

"I'm interested in hearing what selfish whims Donnelly is talking about."

"Selfish whims are where it's at. I want Jon Lajoie to perform at a Brian Donnelly exhibition."

"There's no doubt this artist has talent and skill with the brush. I just personally don't like the depictions such as the drippy white paint. What does that signify? Is it paint? Milk? Or some bodily fluid? Hated the gynecology views of female genitalia and the painting Dick at the artist's site. Come on. So many artists need to work out their sexual issues on canvas and it gets tiresome. It's not something everyone else wants to look at."

"Beautiful work. This artist has unlocked the door into his subconscious. Precisely what so many an artist hopes and prays for, accessibility to the hidden or unseen. This is a difficult plateau to reach and even more difficult to bring back and share with others. I don't know if Donnelly is aware or is interested in mysticism but both pieces depict the shamanic journey into the void. The primordial connection between humans and animals is an idea that, albeit, is ancient, is one too often overlooked or just entirely forgotten in our technologically centered world. Donnelly forces us to take a look over our shoulder and remember. Both the bear and the cougar are time honored animals known to show the way to the void. This is a place where humans can tap into mystical knowledge. The cougar drinking from the water puddle depicts tapping into the subconscious/the void. The painting with the butterflies depicts that the journey has been successful.I agree. So wonderful. Thank you for sharing your visions,"

"Obviously, beauty - however you define it - is in the eye of the beholder; very provocative pieces and keep up the good work. What person doesn't feel like howling or roaring at some point?"

"Very interesting paintings. Technique is very well done. These art pieces certainly grab your attention. Creative freedom. That's what art is all about."

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