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Tristram Lansdowne  Victoria, BC, Canada

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About Tristram

For the last two years I have been looking at the ways in which we inhabit our environment. I begin with an interest in studying utopian visions from the past. The “Inflatable” series of paintings reflects my desire to re-examine the often absurd projections of future civilization, particularly from the mid 20th century. While I revel in the beauty of these visions of the future from the 1950’s and 1960’s, the ugliness of what our civilization actually became is equally interesting. This train of thought led me to my most recent series of paintings, which are focused on the contemporary urban environment.

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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Nice work!"

"This is truly,"someone else's trash,is someone else's treasure." Great job!"

"Inspiring to the point of conservation to our lands."

"i see what i assume are comment directed towards what i said about "the good ol days when artist's didn't have to have a statement" and they all seem to say art had a meaning back then too. first of all where in my statement did i write that paintings didn't have to have a meaning. of course all art that has ever been made meant something to the artist. i just happen to like the fact that at one point in history the artist wasn't expected or taught in school that they must divulge such information. da vinci has had art historians baffled for years over the mona lisa and what it meant. if you disagree that's fine, but for future reference if you are going to take an opposing viewpoint try being a little more persuasive. learn how to counter instead of just doing a your wrong and i'm right. it leaves folks like me wondering ok who cares, but i wonder what they are basing their opinion upon."

"I am writing in response to others' comments.Would these pieces look better were the subjects laid within a background?....perhaps. But would they be as powerful? leaving the ground not white but blank, the viewer is forced to look at the image and nothing else. That makes the image even more powerful.By not giving the images a ground, the image is not tied to a time or place. Hence we can all hear the message they convey."

"We live in a society were waste's just going to 'waste'.. Even our elderly people are just put aside like 'waste'.. Think its a good contemporary reflection, not only in terms of our material life but also its a refelection on our real life.. I like the emptiness around..."

"I love the classic technique, brought to a modern subject. Expands the definition of beauty. Bet you like Neil Young too...!"

"I'd like to see hte artwork connected to..........Something more than a white background"

"The background reminds me of a hot summer day, when the urban pavement is blinding; it really focuses in on the emptiness, as sarah said "the 'bleak' future. I can easily place these images in any inner city, but without the urban forrest, you see the trees, the rubble we have trained our eyes to overlook."


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