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David Mellon  Los Angeles, CA

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Whether in my still lifes or my figurative paintings, the goal is to create an abstract form of storytelling with images that are as simple and direct as children’s book illustrations while at the same time being as mysterious as a dream. Clarity and Ambiguity; balancing both of these elements is essential.

And though my pictures often resemble and are indeed informed by traditional forms of illustration, the important distinction between Fine Art and Illustration is in the intent. That is to say, I’m more interested in the emotional effect of an image than the specific narrative content. It may look like a book illustration, but it is only in appearance. The only thing I’m looking to illustrate is my consciousness.

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"I love the child curled up on his lap because she is so trusting of him, and he is clearly not responding to her as a suxual object in that picture.. he is not responding at all but just being a space in which she can feel safe enough to curl up naked..I am not a fan of Freud but I don't think he was represented as a pedophile in this painting"

"David Mellon's work has long been a delight for me. He manages to capture both fine detail and the abstract at once - not a simple thing.And, he is a great story teller, love that."

"Even though I own many works by this artist have never gone to his web site...well worth the journey...esp love the still lifes and the drawings...the work is so evocative and brings to mind other favorite artists...a good thing...his work embodies Life is but a dream...every piece is a self portrait..."

"One of my most cherished works of art is the David Mellon that I own. These two are exemplary of what I love about David's work...besides the emotional impact - almost always with a bit of shock value - you have to think "What goes on in this man's mind" when you notice all the little slighty-beyond-eccentric nuance lurking in every corner..."

"Very elegant and witty. The disturbing elements - the naked child, the deathly pallor of the good doctor - hit the right notes to quickly eliminate our normal comfort zone. That's what art is supposed to do."

"Love this artists' work - there is a depth of consciousness in the content/subject matter as well as the skill and detail of the painting. The images evokes an archetypal level of consciousness -- dreamlike, expansive, mysterious and are open to much interpretation. Inspires, curiosity and thoughtfullness...Love it!"

"I have two of this artist's paintings in my home. He's an incredible painter.His work is so imaginative and involving..."

"dont like them..the way he has the children....just dont like it 8("

"Having been a psych major & very definitely NOT a fan of his theories, I am really enjoying these. Besides my personal intellectual enjoyment, love the detail & complexity of imagery very much. There is something to think about in every inch and there are numerous interpretations to my eyes' mind."

"The tremendous variety of styles, techniques and subject matter gives you a full seven course aesthetic experience. Golly..."

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