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Rick Anthony Diaz  New York, NY

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About Rick Anthony

These drawings explore different themes within the context of the Raddington Falls series. New and recurring imagery is experimented with as a means of deciphering whether they will be developed into further work. The drawings share a stylistic similarity in that black, white and grey colored pencils are combined with red paint.

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"For the record there are indeed lego wine glasses (not that it matters). Check out or"

"The stuff on your site is great. I like the variations and how much you have worked on this idea w/ the lego man."

"Love the quick flashback to my childhood. My brother loved these things! :) Great work! Love the red!"

"The idea is good and has major potential given the versatility of Legos. But, the wineglass narrative is too literal and really doesn't work well here. How can you give this toy a tragic human edge within its own universe of "things"? there are no Lego wine glasses."

"Stop! You're all right - it's a Robotic Lego man! With a drinking problem. And a need for an ambulance...Does anyone know the number for "911" in Robotic Lego man land?"

"Excellent work. Independently I have been thinking of the idea of lego men drawn for illustration purposes. This is the idea I was thinking about earlier this week, but well executed."

"WE GET THAT HE'S A LEGO MAN! STOP POSTING THAT HE IS!...okay, I'm good now.Artwork's amazing."

"It's not a robot. It's a Lego man."

"Cat, he isn't a robot, he is a Lego man in a tuxedo."

"very interesting. has an interesting reflection on today's societies values and what's happening to them."

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