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Lily Mae Martin  Berlin, Germany

'Woman on bed'
Pen on paper
'The dance, III'
Pen on paper

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About Lily Mae

Lily Mae Martin is an Australian visual artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. Born in Melbourne in 1983 she has spent most of her life pursuing her passion for the arts; spending her childhood drawing and writing rather than playing with other children.

In 2003 she had her first solo exhibition and was subsequently elected to became a part of the Young Ambassador Program for the National Gallery of Victoria. She continued to work in conjunction with the gallery for a further four years, whilst exhibiting and concentrating on her studies. In 2008 Lily completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in drawing at the Victorian College of the Arts. On completion of her degree Lily was awarded the Lionel Gell Traveling Scholarship, and moved to Berlin where she is currently working on several solo, and collaborative projects.

Lily’s work is predominantly figurative and she often likes to explore the division between high and low art, taking her influences from renaissance painters through to contemporary graphic artists. She works mostly in the mediums of oils, ink and pencil.

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"second picture:ouch >.<"

"amazing but creepy..."

"edge AND sense of humor, which is so important, i think."

"i especially love the first one. it reminds me of edward weston. and the second shows the edge that this artist has. splendid!"

"mmhm I like! the thought that comes to mind for me is "I am trapped in bone and wrapped with flesh" a sort of weary impatience w/the strictures of the body."


"Either you really like a piece or you completely pass by a piece.... Very few of the pieces look finished, in every piece something seems to be missing. Maybe I am just over-thinking it."

"Well done Lily Mae :)"

"Lily Mae,Your work is exceptional - expressive and emotionally deep. Love it!Pamela - Ferny Creek Australia"

"Very creative figures. Nice work."

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