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Raquel Aparicio  Madrid, Spain

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About Raquel

I was born in Avila with my twin sister Sae 24 years ago. After spending a few years in Edinburgh I came back to Spain to study illustration and attended one year of the illustration Academy in Florida. In 2006 I started illustrating as a pro working for magazines, books and advertising. For a while I taught a collage illustration workshop at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

I work in a variety of media exploring diferent styles, producing illustrations, animations and comics. The results have been selected in several juried competitions: Communication Arts, American illustration, Society of Illustrators 50, Illustration West 45, Injuve 2009, CineJoven 2006, Opel Corsa Animate 2006.

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'The Sea'



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"does anyone know of a painter named muddo from spain"

"The zebra is actually a forest if you look carefully but I am quite impressed by art technical"

"The bottom zebra piece:This says to me, that there are many trees in our heads, that is, trees of Knowledge, however it is a 'maze' in our mind to actually find the most significant one, "The Tree Of Life"-even for ourselves."

"Its a vry Beautyfull.I relly lik it vry much.n I Lov Art......"

"i like the one with the boat. it reminds me of the storms we have in our lives and how i feel like other ppl are flying above me and not doing a single thing to help me. but in the end, the storm ceases and all is calm. i like it(:"

"amazingly creative,"

"I love the one with the zebra... I love how you see the zebra as itself, and then you look harder and yoou see a winter forest. It really engages me. I like the technique Raquel used for the waves. The waves (in a way) seem alive and 'happy'.I would like to see more of this artist."

"sooo creative!! I love your style!!"

"i love your work."

"Both pieces are fluid and eloquet."

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