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Christian van Minnen  Seattle, WA

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About Christian van

In my work, whether stone and oil, metal and wood, or cardboard and papier-mache alchemy and automatism are linked together in the cognitive creative process. Intention becomes line, line becomes shape, shape becomes form, and form becomes content. In my work I find myself either suppressing or indulging of my own desire to associate personal narrative to the raw visual information inherent in the material and process. Construction, destruction and reconstruction are symbiotic elements in the creative process allowing the image to fluctuate between abstraction and representation, truth and illusion, personal and archetypal.

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"Amazingly creative and impressive ( :"


"It's like looking at a terrarium through a cut out Rorschach test."

"SO creative"

"This is great, and there is such detailed description of her process on her blog that is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing."

"Lovely. I enjoy these very much. Brilliant work."

"Amazing detail and artistry, invoking beauty, disgust and humor. Always incredible. Tabitha-go sew a quilt...."

"I love them. These works remind me of Arcimboldo who was way ahead of his time. These kinds of images draw me in for a closer look and makes me ask questions."

"it's a new look, and the artistry is wonderful,"

"Very interesting work and certainly thought provoking."

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