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Jack Long  Los Angeles, CA

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About Jack

I feel like people think of their lives in this way, relating moments in their lives to fairytales or mythology. We have this way of seeing our world in terms of heroes and villains, embellishing certain events, and forgetting others. My paintings have grown out of this; they reveal the deeply rooted patterns of storytelling, mythology and mysticism in our lives.

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"Hi Jack worked with you in Rhode Island your work a coworker of mine in North Providence. still love your work! friend request me at Elizabeth Machado on Facebook. great work !!!"

"I am transported by the art of Mr. Long. It does what all great artwork does...touches my soul. Thank you!."

"Where can I purchase a picture in the Lehigh Valley, Pa?"

"This is plain out great iWould love these paintings to be in my living room : )"

"Reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch."

"Not busy enough."

"Pretty! good for prints and children's books?"

"I love your work ! How wonderfully whimsical"

"I love it! Would love to know if prints are available, also love the idea of china design."

"I love it this is the way I think and I wish we can teach your work in the schools to bring the students creativity and imagination. I really love it"

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