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Heidi Cody  Vancouver, WA

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About Heidi

Heidi Cody was born in New Haven, CT, aised in Paris, France until age 8 and lived in Brooklyn NY from 1998-2008.

She describes her work “Crude” by saying, “Ten vacuum-formed plastic and steel signs depicting the abstracted logos of the ten oil companies traded on the N.Y.S.E. The size of each sign corresponds to each company’s total gross revenues in 2001. Exxon Mobil, the largest at 7.25′ x 7.25′ x 2′, was in “Open House: Working in Brooklyn,” at the Brooklyn Museum. Several of these editioned signs have sold into private collections.”

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"YAY!Someone from my city!"

"i love this zooming in on well known logos such as exon. You immediately know what it is even though u do not see the whole thing. Bravo."

"Definitely worth a visit to the artist's website. Great stuff!"

"This is one of those artists whose artist site is a must see before commenting. If I were to base my opinion on the two examples here it would not be nearly as admiring.She knowingly stimulates memories that I wasn't even aware that I had. I found myself saying, "How 'bout that?" several times."

"wow such a cause. this artist is so rad to be such an advoctae. a total Che all the way. I totally like think being a activist with a cause is like so rad. Its my identity for sure. Totally."

"This is wonderful to see in person. Great work!"

"Quite a clever way to bring attention to the world's serious issues. I also enjoy the irony of making these pieces from the recycled signs of the oil companies, these are recycled right? This is the logo, the brand, that the general public have contact with; more than those who run the companies themselves. The artist, gauging from the web-site, really enjoys the humor in things. I do really appreciate the research behind the project, instead of throwing out some shallow politically minded statement. It is a simple and cleanly presented show."

"Surely these are adverts, not art?"

"I don't get it, but it is still cool"

"Congrats Heidi on Artist of the Day!!!!!!"

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