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Agustin Sirai  La Plata City, Argentina

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About Agustin

Argentina based artist Agustin Sirai takes a little piece of earth and creates mini isolated dream lands. Inviting, yet remote, the floating islands would be a treat to explore. His roller coaster-esque paintings are equally interesting. Often in terrifying configurations or with other ominous elements, the pieces touch the underlying fear in all of us.

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"Reminds me of an animated film that I saw starring the British band named Gorillaz. That film also had images of "floating" or "flying" islands in it."

"looks like a cover from a yes album."

"I like Josh Keyes so much and hate to think of him being absorbed by the blob of cliche."

"This guy Rocks ... looks like Dragon Ball Z!!!"

"reminds me of the pictures off the yes album/cd,what do you think"

"i love the art and will be adding on new pics in a wile."

"Reminds me of The Venus Project on a less complicated level of expectation.Namaste"

"I suppose it is interesting. However, poor composition. I mean, completely centered?"

"The art is amazing! I love it!"

"I do love the piece that is mostly blue. It is beautiful and dreamy, but it is much more inviting than the following island landscape portrait; the second piece seems to have less energy. I think that is why I like them so, they remind me of individualized mini portraits of something in which we suspect might be alive."

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