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Elsa Mora  Los Angeles, CA

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About Elsa

My work is about human nature, about the way we are and the way we interact with each other, with ourselves and with the rest of the world. I enjoy working in different media like painting, ceramic, drawing, photography, installation illustration and in 2008 I discovered the magic of paper cutting.

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"Thank you! Thank you!Your comments make me sooo happy :)All my best!Elsita :)"

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"I like the one of the girl. Really cool."

"so very beautiful."

"Elsa's work is one of the most beautiful and creative piece of art! She can make things seem so zen with imagination. She is a true artist!"

"The sweetest thing about this work is that it reminds me of highly decorative and beautiful honey breads found in some European countries. They are not eaten as much as preserved to remember the occasion for which they were baked. Very skillful and meaningful work!"

"Found Elsa and her blog by accident. This work is incredibly beautiful and has such depth to it. Will be on the lookout for her here in Los Angeles."

"It's AMAZING! thank you for your work!"

"It would be easy to see Elsa's work as that of a master craftsman and that she is, BUT her work is everybit as engaging as Walton Ford's and as mezmerizing as Calder's small wonders or Suzanne Tse's wooden trapeeze (hanging in the Boston Fine Art's museum). She is a powerhouse and will be remembered as Cuba's own dazzling Elsa."

"charming paper cuts, so many messages. Lovely."

"Such beautiful work. I am in awe."

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