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Aerick Eisenstein  Pasadena, CA

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About Aerick

Great art opens a dialogue with the audience rather then tries to make a statement. Otherwise there is nothing to gain. People don’t like to be told things, however they do enjoy a conversation.

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"Aerick, your work is amazing and tells a story in its depth. I always see something that moves me or connects to many of my own thoughts and feelings in my own journey of life. Your work is beautifully composed well executed and has such a hip modern vibe I just love. Everyone's loving your work in my home."

"this is amazing! both pieces are a fantastic spectacle, but being me, i love darker colored pieces so the bottom was my favorite. i also like how there was somewhat of a Rorschach in lower middle :D"

"Amazing shit man keep it up!!!"

"I love the first painting. 'specially because of his shoes.pretty tight."

"yeah, this is my boys shit! Show em what ya got, Aerick!!!This is just the tip of the ice berg. You aint seen nothing yet."

"really great to see freedom of expression like this, i admire this work,though i,d like to seeyou get more it sean,aust perth"

"Growing over the bones of homosapiens have outgrown their use all the new kids reverberate today. Good stuff, yo."

"Kids got talent. Eventually he'll have something to say I'm sure.Don't fear statements."

"I like the self portrait on the artist's website. It seems to be of a slightly higher/clearer/more inspired quality (how narcissistic!) than many of his other displayed works. I also enjoy the impressionistic qualities of his art."

"Ur art reminds me of me, laid back but interesting."

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