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Jane South  New York, NY

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About Jane

Jane South’s creative impulse comes from a seemingly unlikely source: bike rides around New York City. The shifting perspective that results from moving toward and away from structural objects inspires her exploration of the human relationship with architecture.

As her media, South chooses materials fundamental to art and to architecture–paper, balsa wood, acrylic and ink. With these basic elements, she creates three-dimensional sculptures that reference the industrial forms she is exposed to every day. With dozens of individual elements, folds, and marks, the meticulously constructed works are both sturdy and flimsy, modern yet archaic, encapsulating what South calls “the fluidity of our architectural experience.”

After graduating at Central School of Art (now Central/St. Martins) in London, Jane South moved to the US where she completed her MFA at UNC, Greenboro. She is the recipient of many major awards and residencies, including most recently, a 2007 NYFA Fellowship in Sculpture.

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Valerie Hegarty

Brooklyn, NY artist

"I love the intricate shapes and architectural forms that Jane constructs out of paper and pen. They are fantastic to see in person so you can really explore the detail."

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10 reactions displayed

"Very Pleasing and Fulfilling to observe (the second)mechanical, non ionic film skimmer, substrate modulizer, with multi redundant divisional extracter proportionized distribution insertion. Thanks for a little healing onight thanks to your creative efforts."

"This are very interesting sculptures showing beauty in a different way."

"Although I can't really say that I love these, I do find myself in deep admiration of the impressive details and intricacies demonstrated here. Very well done! I would like to know how long it takes the artist to complete one of these constructions."

"I like it. If she keeps pushing the work farther she could get endless niche ideas. It reminds me of Louise Nevelson. Could be closer to the magnificence of artists like her if she works on the intimate relationships of the intricate detail as it steps up larger and larger (in a sense a tighter piece). But who am i to talk? i couldn't do it. I'll have to view more of her work."

"These are beautiful. I love the way the mechanical/industrial effect is achieved but using paper and balsa wood."

"Please, go to artist site, click on movies and watch the three animations.Miss South's current sculptural work, though meticulous and deliberate, feels contrived. Perhaps because the images seem too industrially institutional. Looking at the pieces here reminds me (perhaps, too much) of the swamp cooler on my roof that I am forced to tinker with every spring.Her past sculptures are a bit freer, but still cold and functional in suggestion.Sculptures get collectively 4 j-dubs...animations get 9 j-dubs."

"A lot of caged space. angles and sealed circular voids. seems pretty pessimistic. Anti-Modern. The Red one reminds me of the Ettore Sottsass valentine typewriter."

"looks like some wierd set from a horror movie. Not sure if I like, find it quite unsettling."

"I love this artwork. I create sculptures with similar aesthetics as her's. I enjoy the use of found objects to create one uniform sculpture and the monotone colors suit the pieces well."

"The juxtaposition of colour shape and textures,quiet beautiful!!!"

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